L A W   O F F I C E

Commercial law
  • Legal advice
  • Partner withdrawal/exclusion
  • Company dissolution
  • Representation in court, preparation of documents, requests
  • Recovery of debts
  • Legal assistance for negotiations
  • Drafting and certification of commercial contracts
  • Legal assistance for criminal cases of an economic-financial nature
  • Legal advice;
  • Patrimonial aspects
  • Relations between partners/shareholders
Company establishment
  • Legal advice;
  • Company and office establishment, with the preparation of all necessary documents;
  • Addenda;
  • Assignments;
  • Changes of articles of incorporation;
  • Establishment/cancellation of offices, branches, subsidiaries;
  • Modification of registered offices, extension of contracts for registered offices;
  • Change registration with the Trade Register Office
Civil law
  • Legal advice;
  • Legal assistance and representation before courts or other institutions activating in the judicial field;
  • Preparation of writs of summons, counterclaims, statements of defense, transactions, contracts, notifications and any other requests legally addressed to courts or other state institutions;
  • Legal assistance and representation in the foreclosure stage, including in appeals to foreclosure;
  • Legal actions and requests:
    • Actions for property recovery;
    • Contract rescission and termination;
    • Actions for the delimitation of property boundaries;
    • Civil contractual liability and in tort liability;
    • Claim actions;
    • Estate divisions, partitions, severance of the joint tenancy;
    • Actions concerning the easement right;
    • Nullity declaratory actions and cancelation actions of legal documents;
    • Acquisition of ownership rights through prescription and accession.
Family law
  • Legal advice;
  • Action preparation;
  • Legal assistance and representation in divorce lawsuits, property division, entrusting the care and education of minor children.