L A W   O F F I C E

The hourly fee

The standard hourly fee has a moderate level and applies especially to the cases and projects involving activities within our office, with no or with a reduced mobility. The hourly fee applies to the assignments that can be quantified in length and time.

The hourly fee is usually made on the spot. If the relationship history with the customer allows this, the hourly fee (especially when the activity is spread over a large period of time) shall be paid by the last day of the month in which the invoice has been sent to the customer.

For the first hour, the time exceeding 10 minutes is considered a full hour and will be invoiced as such. If the first hour is exceeded with more than 20 minutes, this time will be considered another hour.

The global fee

The global fee (flat rate) is charged to the customers who want to accomplish a unique project, difficult to quantify as time and length.

The subscription

Subscription is a form of collaboration that allows a good planning if the customer’s expenses and creates the premises of a real partnership relationship between the customer and our law office.
Based on this subscription, our lawyers provide the customer a certain number of hours over a period of time, paid up weekly or monthly, according to the terms of legal assistance agreement to be concluded.
This form of collaboration is ideal for the situations in which the customer wants to benefit from preventive legal advice, in its daily activities, such as: approval of internal documents, monitoring the contractual obligations, preparation of the documents necessary in the daily activity etc.
The fee charged for the subscription is variable and mainly depends on the projects in which our law office will be involved.
The great advantage of a subscription is that one lawyer of our team will answer immediately to your requests, even if the operation for which you request our assistance is not included in the object of the subscriptions.

The success fee

In exceptional cases, our office may charge a fee comprising one of the above options, set out at the minimum rate, plus an amount set out by common agreement to be paid by the customer if the project is completed successfully.
This success fee shall be set out as a fixed amount and can also be paid within a negotiated timeframe.